The Lion’s Gateway – 8/8 

Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year, there is a cosmic alignment called ‘The Lions Gateway” as this cosmic alignment occurs in the house of Leo. The observance of this cosmic alignment has origins in Ancient Egypt.

The time between 25 July and 12 August is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. We experience an overflow of infinite creativity and access to our superpowers as human beings and our energies and manifestation powers are magnified.

This new moon is special as the earth makes a special alignment with the fixed star Sirius. Sirius is also likened to the sun that showers light on earth and energises and nurtures our physical being. Sirius is referred to as the spiritual Sun pushing with spiritual progress and ascension.

Leo known for its royal nature and big hearted courage coupled with Sirius brings in abundance. It also brings in the individualized expression of the Divine.

Long-term projects, ideas, relationships, and major endeavors can now start to bear fruit and lead us towards a more authentic reality. It is the best time to sow seeds, start  something new, or adopt a fresh perspective. 

The New moon in Leo is also forming a connection with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. And Mercury is in Leo. All these celestial alignments push new agreements honest, heartfelt communication and brings about healing on many levels.

8 is also the number associated with DNA activation, abundance, power, and higher realms of consciousness, making 8/8 a potent time to charge and clear our energy for receiving. The number 8 represents infinity – the infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey that we take. It represents the “forever conscious” part of our soul; the soul that has lived and will continue to live long after this incarnation.

We bring you a meditation to recharge and renew as you prepare to harness the powers of the Lions Gate portal. Please meditate with us during this enlightened spiritual time.

As we meditate during this period, we:

  1. Release old self-limiting beliefs, habits and hidden dark corners of ourselves that consciously and subconsciously run our lives.
  2. Activate our inner light and clearly see our true authentic selves, activating our truest desires and bringing them into manifestation.
  3. This reminds us that if we shine, everybody else automatically feels invited and allowed to shine. Our frequency is contagious, we always have an impact on others even when we don’t realize it, and our impact is often much bigger than we think.
  4. In the process we lift the vibration of the earth as a whole as well.