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On Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Morning Class at 8:oo am NEW DELHI / 6:30 am DUBAI

Evening Class at 7:30 pm NEW DELHI / 6:00 pm DUBAI / 10:00 am TORONTO

It’s time to relieve your stress, find your balance and strengthen your body. Enjoy live, streamlined yoga classes from the comfort of your home, with Yoga Instructors Certified by Yoga Institute of India & Ministry of AYUSH.

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Why Yoga...

Yog is a long, winding very riveting journey. But very possible.

At Yoga Path, we invite you to glimpse at the little facets of yoga and we assure you, you will be drawn to further experience it’s multifold amazing, mental, spiritual, health & relationship benefits. You will inspire your loved ones and those connected with you and be inspired on this platform while on your personal Yoga Path.

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.”  –  B.K.S. Iyengar

This melody of yoga can be experienced by anyone – you don’t have to be a flexible, experienced yogi to reap the healing benefits of Yoga. No matter what your age, irrespective of your size, yoga has the power to calm the mind, invigorate, restore and strengthen the body.

We aspire to create accessible information and resources that do not intimidate you, but captivate you and get you started on the path of Yoga.

Yoga is indeed, for everyone.

Asanas or  Yoga postures comprise the more active part of yoga.

Breathing is living and prana is life itself. Pranayama teaches the yogic techniques of  breathing.

Yoga Therapy Asanas

Yoga therapy is the use of postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve both, mental and physical health. The aim of therapy is to acquire harmony in body, mind and spirit and ultimately help healing.

Check out our Therapy section for insights on healing common ailments with Yoga.

Yoga Philosophy

Learn Yoga Philosophy

What is Yoga and where did it originate? Is it a science or a form of exercise?
Check out our Philosophy section for answers…

What our students have to say!


Venus is an amazing Yoga Instructor who would stretch your limits and teach how to do it. Her Yoga sessions are energising, and I totally love doing Yoga with her. I could feel an improvement in my posture and also my muscle strength and flexibility both have increased with her.


I find Venus’ yoga class great. Her style of teaching is excellent, very personalised, based on individual requirements, keeping in mind health status. I am feeling more energetic & flexible. Slowly seeing limbs move which have probably been unused for ages. Feeling more confident that back issues will no longer trouble me.


Dear Venus, this was my first experience learning yoga on a regular basis. The way you conducted classes is really good. After a few classes I thought I was in good hands. You are so cool, polite, and understanding. I benefited a lot considering my problems of back and neck pain.


I feel they were wonderful classes. Your way of teaching is really awesome. I feel relief from back pain.


Venus is very motivated, helpful, and experienced. Personally, I feel I am improving my health issues my knee and shoulder pain has reduced. I feel a lot better now. I am feeling active. I now want to continue knowing the benefits of Yoga.


I find your classes very useful and energetic, adding value to my health. Your teaching style is stringent yet effective. I expect a lot of improvement within some duration.

Your Path to Living Yoga!