Treat Piles & Fissures


In pain from piles and fissures?
Give yoga a try.

We know managing Piles, Fissures and Haemorrhoids is painful. Fortunately, there are Asanas you can do to help treat and prevent these swollen veins located around the anus or in this region.
Yoga has several benefits for the body for people of all ages. Yoga for Piles is an extremely beneficial therapy as it stretches and contracts the muscles involved and offers pain relief along with long-lasting benefits. Regular practise of Asanas can also help improve your digestive health and encourage regular bowel movements, which further ensures deep healing.

Check out these eight asanas that aim in strengthening the rectal tissues along with your abdominal and sphincter muscles to relieve swelling and inflammation and get you started on your way to healing.

Make time in your schedule to practice these asanas and heal well.