Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Know more about Hatha Yoga Pradipika

It is one of the 3 classic texts of Hatha Yoga. It is  written by Svatmarama who connects the teaching to the lineage of Matsyendranath of the Nathas.

The meaning of Pradipika is to cast light. So Hatha Yoga Pradipika can be thought of as a guiding light to the mystic world of Hatha Yoga

It also means “Ha” – meaning Sun, “Ta” – meaning moon, “Yug” means join. How to join the sun and moon energies that flow through the Surya Nadi  and the Chandra Nadi. Also referred to as the union of  Shakti (female) or cooler energy which travels through the Ida (Chandra Nadi) and the Mental/mind (Male) or hotter energy which travels through the Pingla nadi (Surya Nadi) and this union culminates in the Sushumna Nadi. This is the union of both the Prana and Mind and the awakening of higher consciousness.

This branch of yoga purifies the body by way of asana, bandha, concentration, mudra, pranayama, and shatkarma. 

It forms the basis to learn Raja Yoga and Samadhi.

Raja Yoga teaches discipline and self-control requiring high levels of concentration. This is possible through the path of Hatha Yoga. 

Hatha Yoga Pradipika is divided into four sections and its aim is to eliminate the toxins from the body.

The four chapters that describe topics including:

  • Purification (Sanskrit: Saṭkarma)
  • Posture (Asana)
  • Breath control (Pranayama)
  • Spiritual centres in the body (Chakra)
  • Coiled power (Kuṇḍalini)
  • Force postures (Bandha)
  • Energy (Shakti),
    channels of the subtle body (Nadi),
  • Symbolic gestures (Mudra)
  • Samadhi (enlightenment).
Hatha Yoga Pradipika

All practices and methods incorporated herein is a path to attain Self-realization , at the same time freeing oneself of the ego and the limitations of avidya (mistaken identity- the thought of being separate from the universal energy, the supreme soul).

The main aim one must keep when practicing the strenuous Hatha Yoga practices is the enlightenment of oneself toward the Cosmic Self… the union with the Supreme soul. This elevated intention is required to prevent one getting fixated or getting attached to the supernatural powers that one attains during this process and can result in arrogance, narcissism and egocentricity. This journey requires humility and compassion.