Venus is an amazing Yoga Instructor who would stretch your limits and teach how to do it. Her Yoga sessions are energising, and I totally love doing Yoga with her. I could feel an improvement in my posture and also my muscle strength and flexibility both have increased with her.


I find Venus’ yoga class great. Her style of teaching is excellent, very personalised, based on individual requirements, keeping in mind health status. I am feeling more energetic & flexible. Slowly seeing limbs move which have probably been unused for ages. Feeling more confident that back issues will no longer trouble me.


Dear Venus, this was my first experience learning yoga on a regular basis. The way you conducted classes is really good. After a few classes I thought I was in good hands. You are so cool, polite, and understanding. I benefited a lot considering my problems of back and neck pain.


Venus is very motivated, helpful, and experienced. Personally, I feel I am improving my health issues my knee and shoulder pain has reduced. I feel a lot better now. I am feeling active. I now want to continue knowing the benefits of Yoga.


I find your classes very useful and energetic, adding value to my health. Your teaching style is stringent yet effective. I expect a lot of improvement within some duration.