As you light up this Diwali, here’s wishing that the 6 Sadhaka Tattvas of Hatha Yoga accompany you in the discovery of yourself and your yoga practice just as the Diya shines out its light and permeates everyone revealing their qualities.

Sadhak Tattvas are the six keys or elements that bring you success in the practice of Hatha Yoga. They are mentioned in Chapter 1, verse 16 of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the oldest surviving texts describing the practices of Hatha Yoga. Compiled by Swami Swatmarama, in approximately the 15th century CE, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains the entire ‘science’ of Hatha yoga – including asana, pranayama (breath techniques), shatkarma (cleansing or purifying practices), mudra (symbolic gestures) and bandha (body locks).

Swami Swatmarama says that the real purpose of Hatha yoga is to open the gate to self-realisation. And a yogi who follows these 6 Sadhaka Tattvas can be on the path to attain the Niruddha state of Raja Yoga. 

Hatha Yoga Pradhipika Sadhaka Tattvas

Sadhaka means beneficial or favourable and Tattva is elements or principles or keys. The 6 Sadhaka Tattvas are:

  • Utsaah / Enthusiasm
    May you experience enthusiasm and cheerfulness in your being, in whatever you put your mind to and towards your yoga practice just as the bright and cheerful flame in the Diya encourages us.
  • Saahas / Perseverance
    May you have the courage to start what you’ve always wanted to and improve or increase your Yoga practice just as the fearless flame in the Diya does.
  • Dhairya / Discrimination
    May you keep the patience as you deepen and strengthen your work on yourself and in your practice just as the oil in the Diya patiently feeds the wick and the bright flame.
  • Tatvajnana/ Unshakeable faith or Expanded knowledge
    May you gain expansive knowledge, be lightened about the immense unbounded energy you are and gain deep knowledge about your yoga practice just as the Diya light lights up far reaching nooks and crannies where ever you place it.
  • Drid Nischay / Courage
    May you keep moving forward in the discovery of yourself and in your practice with strong willed determination and commitment. Just as the unwavering wick that upholds the flame does.
  • Janasangha Parityaaga / Avoiding the company of common people
    May you avoid the company of those who cause you to stray from your true being and from your Yoga practice. Just as the earthen Diya gives a strong boundary and rootedness to the flame.

Wishing you a wholesome Diwali as you return to yourself.