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Mandukasana - Frog Pose

Seated Asana – Forward bending

Manduka meaning Frog 

  • In this pose, as you inhale in 3 seconds,¬† form a fist folding the thumb inside the fingers and place it below and on both sides of your navel with elbows pointed out.
  • As you exhale in 3 seconds, extend the spine, raise the chest upwards and then lower the torso down. In doing so, the fists are pressed deep in the abdomen in the navel area, the fists are still standing on either side of the navel.
  • Lower the head down as much as you can to the floor without lifting thighs off the heel.
  • Hold this pose for 1minute.
  • Slowly you can increase to 3-5 minutes


People suffering from Peptic or Duodenal Ulcer, severe Back Pain and Cardiac problem, abdominal surgery should avoid this exercise.
Knee pain patients, those with ankle injuries,
High blood pressure, Insomnia, Migraine and pregnant women should refrain.


This pose is beneficial to all organs of the body.
Relief from diabetes, digestive disorders and constipation.
Improves the flexibility and mobility of the knee and ankle joints.
Tones muscles of the shoulder and abdomen.
Regular practice of this pose increases your lung capacity.
Beneficial for people suffering from ailments of the pancreas and the heart.
Helps reduce fat from thighs, belly and hips.