Characteristics of Chakras

Our seven energy centres or Chakras each have their own unique characteristics, be it a colour, an element, a vibrational frequency, a seed-syllable as well as the sense and action organs each governs. In the article below, we will look into the characteristics of our heart chakra ‘Anahata’

Anahata or Heart Chakra

Anahata, the fourth chakra, commonly known as the Heart Chakra is the centre of your energy body. It is placed over your physical heart and regulates your energy flow and within it lies your deepest emotions – heartaches, kindness, compassion – as well as your ability to heal and love.

Green in colour, it has the element of Air and the beej matra or seed syllable ‘YAM’

Heart Chakra Anahata

The Anahata Chakra takes you to the centre of your very being. It is an expansive force that makes us breathe and keeps our heart beating. It is the power that makes our lungs expand when they fill up with air, and the one moves oxygen throughout the body to nourish all our cells. It heals the body through detoxification and elimination of undesirable substances that have accumulated in us. It governs the Thymus gland, which helps develop our immunity. It is also responsible for the functioning of our lungs, heart, skin and the entire circulatory system.

It is our feeling and healing centre that puts us in touch with our feelings, be it physical, emotional, or intuitive and inspires in us the urge to reach out and help or heal people.  

Characteristics of Anahata:

When in balance:
  • When the Heart Chakra is well aligned and the energy is strong and balanced your immune system is healthy and your skin has a radiant glow.

  • You are able to easily and openly love others as you love yourself. This expansive energy creates the feeling of compassion and motivates loving actions towards self and others.

  • People find you loving, dependable and always wearing a joyful expression.

  • You are friendly and loving towards others, accepting all people with a non-judgmental attitude.

  • You are self-loving, confident, practical, analytical, persevering, intuitive and sensitive.

  • You take pleasure in living your life with happiness, living an expansive, nurturing life.

When in excess:
  • When the energy in the Anahata is too strong or the chakra too open, you may be smothering others with your affection, and may become overly dependent and needy in relationships, leading to emotional burnout.

  • You might become overly sensitive and distrustful.

  • You tend to sacrifice for others in a way that is not supportive of your own physical and mental health.

  • You are unable to say No, when asked for help, and give too much.

  • You may either become bossy and demanding, or become deceitful or manipulative in words and actions.

  • You might develop a tendency to go too far inward, getting lost in mental or emotional clouds.

When in lack:
  • When the Anahata Chakra is blocked or depleted, you feel despair, or a lack of hope or optimism. 

  • Your immune system suffers and you may be asthmatic or have poor health due to shallow breathing.

  • Your immune system suffers and you may be asthmatic or have poor health due to shallow breathing.

  • You may be out of touch with your physical and emotional feelings.

  • You are withdrawn when it comes to intimate relationships.

  • You may become very needy and dependent, having weak boundaries in your relationships.

  • There is a lack of love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.

  • You may lack in empathy and sympathy and even blame others for problems that you encounter.

  • You can easily become fussy, suspicious, deceptive and full of self-pity.

  • Your discontent and negative outlook towards life may lead to depression.